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The last thing you want to do on race day is stress out. Break the nerves and be ready to go! Running and cycling requires endurance, patience and strategic planning. Preparation goes a long way from novice runners to seasoned cyclists. Our list of guidelines includes morning suggestions, pre-race bathroom tips and general advice for during the race.

Get some rest

A good night’s sleep goes a long way for any race or competition! Avoid injuries and complete your marathon with a well-rested body. Make sure to relax the day before a big race and to get adequate sleep.

Stay hydrated

Water is necessary before, after and during the race. Remember to drink lots of water the day before to prevent muscle cramps and dehydration. Map out the location of water stations throughout the course before the race.

Don’t skip breakfast

You need the fuel to get through the race. Eat light but don’t forego the most important meal of the day. You will need the energy to push through the course.

Go to the bathroom beforehand

No one wants to stand at the starting line with the need to pee. This tip will save you from breaking a good pace just to hop over to the bathroom.

If you have to go then go

Visit the bathrooms when you need to go. Organizers should provide an adequate amount of porta potties for races to ensure a smooth day for all runners and cyclists.

  • Lock the door: During an important race you might forget to lock the door. Don’t get caught with your pants down!

  • Map it out: You should know where the portable toilets and hand washing stations are located before the race. There should be a large amount of clean porta potty rentals at your disposal.

  • Pick short lines: Choose a small line to get back to the race in minutes.

Our team provides portable bathrooms rentals in the Hamilton and Burlington area for any big race event.

Don’t wear new shoes

That new pair of running shoes may seem like a good idea at first but it is not. Breaking in new shoes takes time. Avoid blisters and injuries by wearing the shoes you wore while training.

Be up a few hours before the race

This way you have time to warm up, eat and relax before your big day. Extra time in the morning will also give you time to digest before a long bike ride or run.


Remember to have fun during the race. You worked hard to get this far so don’t let nerves ruin it. Breathe, relax and don’t forget to pedal or run! We hope these pre-race bathroom tips and general advice helps you survive the big day. Pitton Plumbing and Heating’s team wishes you the best race. For more information on portable bathroom rentals in Burlington and Hamilton, contact us today.


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