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How to Keep Your Grease Interceptor Functioning

If you are a business or property manager, it is important that you regularly check your grease interceptor. Whether you are running a restaurant, school, hospital, or business, regular maintenance of your grease interceptor is necessary not only to ensure efficiency, but also to stay in accordance with the law. Here are some tips to make sure that you’re keeping the environment clean while ensuring your sewage pipes don’t back up on you.

Understand the Purpose of a Grease Interceptor

Like the name implies, a grease interceptor is put in place to stop fats, oils, and grease (F.O.G.) from getting into the sewer system, which can only handle moderate amounts of non-water sewage. Businesses that deal with large amounts of F.O.G. are required by law to have and maintain a grease interceptor.

How a Grease Interceptor Works

Water waste in your facility flows down the drain and into the first tank of the grease interceptor that allows the F.O.G. to float, the solids to sink and the water to remain at mid-level. If the F.O.G. or the solids accumulate too much, they will block the pipe in the middle that allows the water to flow. This will cause your sewer system to back up into your facility.

Locate and Assess your Grease Interceptor

All grease interceptors are located somewhere between the drain and the sanitary sewer lines. Most grease interceptors are either found under the sink or outside the building. Once located make sure that the F.O.G. and solids have not built up to block the water from exiting into the main sewer. If it has built up too much then you will need to clean it out.

Regularly Check and Maintain your Grease Trap

Cleaning your grease interceptor regularly will keep your sewer system clean. If it isn’t regularly cleaned you may find yourself paying a fine to your municipalities, or, perhaps worse, you may find the grease making its way back into your facility. No matter the situation, Pitton Plumbing is always here to answer questions or offer our knowledge and services


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