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Catch basins are part of a sewer system or storm drain that is used to trap debris. They are usually maintained by the public and help to drain water during storms so that residential areas and roads don’t become flooded.

Who Needs a Catch Basin?

Some property owners may notice standing water, pools, heavy runoff, and other signs of water collecting on their property or in their home. If you have a perpetually wet and soggy lawn or notice your basement is damp and moldy, consider a catch basin. Catch basins can protect your home from flooding and improve drainage on your property.

What to Avoid Putting in a Catch Basin

While these systems help to keep water clean and make it easier to treat, keep in mind that you should never dump your garbage into them. Never put pet waste, oil or other waste products down a catch basin, as it will not be sent to the treatment plant and will likely end up in nearby rivers or lakes. Instead, take care to properly dispose of these materials. If you notice that your personal catch basin or one nearby is obstructed or not working properly, a plumber in Hamilton that specializes in catch basin cleaning should be able to get it back to working form.

Tips for Cleaning Your Catch Basin

Maintaining your catch basin is important. Keeping it clean will help it work efficiently and increase the longevity of the sewer system your home is connected to. Here are some tips for maintaining your catch basin:

  • Keep grates clear – It becomes difficult for the catch basin to collect debris and allow water to drain if the grate is obstructed. If left for extended periods without being cleaned, the grate can become clogged with large pieces of litter and leaves or other debris. Keep an eye on storm drains and remove debris every few months, especially during spring and fall when foliage and other environmental materials are more common.

  • Remove storage debris – A catch basin that is working effectively will collect debris in the bottom, keeping it from flowing through the pipes. It is important to keep the storage area less than half full so that the pipes do not become blocked and the catch basin continues to function as intended. Insert a pipe or broom stick down the grate and take note of where it hits debris and how much further it is to the bottom. It is important to hire a reliable Hamilton, Burlington or Oakville plumber to professionally clean the catch basin. You will want to ensure that all debris is removed and avoid any injury or damage to the sewer system in this tight space.

Pitton Plumbing can install a catch basin on your residential or commercial property, or clean an existing one. Contact our team of plumbers in Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville for professional and reliable plumbing and drainage services. You can call us at 1-800-499-4184 to schedule an appointment or request a quote by contacting us online.

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