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There was once a time when a kid’s birthday party consisted of pizza, chips, cake, and ice cream. The activities played were games like Pin the Tale on the Donkey and Musical Chairs. Today, however, kid’s birthday parties can consist of magicians, pony rides, and even sushi!

Choosing a Theme for the Party

Planning a kid’s party can be fun. In the summer, one of the best types of kid’s party is an outdoor party, as it gives kids a chance to run around and explore. Planning an outdoor party can be as simple as coming up with a theme. Outdoor party themes can show off your creativity. A theme like ‘storybook characters’ is a fun theme for children and does not require much from the party planner; kids dress up as their favourite character, and can act out as the chosen character with their friends. Some other fun themes to try are Minecraft, camping, county fair, carnival, fairies and carousels, mad scientist, safari tea party, anthropologist, and airplane pilots with flight attendants. These are not your traditional themes. They give you room to be creative. A safari tea party could lead to a safari animal cookie expedition. A mad scientist party could consist of outdoor science experiments. A homemade volcano, rocket ships, and paper airplanes can all play a part in the day. An anthropologist party can also lead to an expedition. You can bury trinkets and prizes for the kids to discover.

Helpful Tips

Traditionally, the host of the party does not enjoy it because they are busy running the show. If you plan well, you can be a part of the fun, though!


Hire a caterer or prepare the food ahead of time, so you do not have to slave over the stove, and lay the food out buffet style so you do not have to serve all the guests. This gives everyone control over what and when they eat and frees you up to have fun.

Plan Your Clean Up

Cleaning up after a party takes up a tremendous amount of time. Place trash cans strategically around the party area so it will be easy for your guest to dispose of their trash. The only thing you will need to do is take the trash out at the end of the day.

Bathroom Solutions

Inevitably, there will be many bathroom breaks at a kids birthday party. To tackle this situation, rent a couple of Porta-potties for the kiddies. If the outdoor party is in your backyard, this will keep your house free of wandering party guests doing the pee-pee dance. Pitton Plumbing has affordable, clean portable bathroom rentals for Burlington party planners. These clean, well maintained portable bathrooms will make going to the potty a breeze for the little ones. We can bring a couple of porta potties to your Burlington, or surrounding area party to eliminate the chance of long lines developing. In addition to offering portable bathroom rentals in Burlington, we also offer porta potty rentals for Milton, and Hamilton area residents. Call Pitton Plumbing and book your portable bathrooms today.


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