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There’s nothing quite like watching a movie under the stars on a warm summer night. If you want to plan such an event in your community, being organized and prepared is the best way to ensure the evening goes off without a hitch. Here are the main things you’ll need for an enjoyable movie night in the park.

  1. The ideal location Choosing a venue is the first step to planning a movie night in the park. Be sure to select a location that can accommodate the number of people you expect to attend. You’ll need plenty of open space for families to spread out. Additionally, avoid setting up near a loud, busy road, as this can ruin the cinematic experience and pose a safety hazard.

  2. The necessary equipment Find out if there’s a company in your area that rents all the equipment you’ll need to host an outdoor movie night. This should include a screen, a projector and speakers. Keep in mind that you’ll need somewhere to plug things in. Finally, take the time to select a movie that’s catered to your audience, and be sure to test all the equipment beforehand.

  3. The right refreshments When choosing a venue, it’s a good idea to find a location that can accommodate a few concession stands. Classic snacks and drinks include popcorn, hot dogs, cotton candy, soda and iced tea. If you want to make this a special community affair, consider asking local restaurants to cater the event. Alternatively, you can advertise that movie-goers are invited to bring their own food and beverages.

  4. The proper bathroom setup While not the most glamorous part of the evening, adequate on-site bathroom facilities are essential. If there aren’t installations nearby, your best bet is to rent portable toilets. The number you’ll need depends on the duration of the event and the amount of people you expect to attend. Sufficient handwash stations or sink trailers are also a must.

Bonus: If you want to take your outdoor movie night to the next level, consider hosting additional family-friendly activities before the sun goes down. These can include face painting stations, live performances, carnival games and mascot appearances.

Portable toilet rentals in Southwestern Ontario

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