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Get Cost-effective Special Event Toilet Rentals in Hamilton

Affordable, portable and easy-to-use - get special event toilet rentals in Hamilton. Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc is your go-to company for regular portable units, wheelchair accessible units, sink trailers, VIP trailers and more. Find out what we have to offer by scrolling below!

Our Portable Units are ideal for a variety of uses – from festivals to backyard parties. The units are delivered directly to the site location and serviced by a dedicated service technician in a prompt and impeccable manner. Our construction grade toilets are kept separate from our units for parties, parks, golf courses and all other types of special events.

The Wheelchair Accessible Unit is designed for greater movement with its spacious interior to facilitate all of our customers. With its ground level floor access and wide door frame, you can move about the unit with ease. This unit is designed to be wheelchair accessible, but is also great for parents with young children.

Planning an outdoor Wedding or Anniversary Party? Choose Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc to accommodate your portable toilet needs! We understand that this is an important day and you may be skeptical of renting a portable toilet for such an event. However, we guarantee that our units are in immaculate condition and are aesthetically pleasing for the day’s events.

Our Handwash Stations are perfect for backyard barbeques, family picnics, golf tournaments, special events, children’s birthday parties, or wherever hand washing is necessary. They serve as an excellent source of fresh water for hand hygiene and are essential for events involving food and drink preparation.

If you plan to rent one or more portable toilets for an upcoming event, you’ll want to make sure your guests have the means to wash their hands even if there isn’t running water on site. We offer stand-alone handwash stations for indoor and outdoor use.