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Are you struggling with a plumbing emergency? At Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc., we understand how frustrating it can get to wait for an appointment, especially when you need to solve a plumbing issue immediately. Some people even go to the extent of attempting a DIY fix which often ends up causing more harm than good. Lucky for you, we won’t let you go through that trouble! When you require an emergency plumber in Hamilton or the surrounding area, trust the team at Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. to find a quick and effective solution to your problems.


Our licensed plumbers are ready to assist residential, commercial, and industrial customers in Hamilton, the GTHA, and most of SW Ontario 24 hours a day. Whether you’re suddenly dealing with flooding from burst pipes or you simply need to get your toilet back up and running, we’re there when you need us.

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What Constitutes a Plumbing Emergency?

While most plumbing issues require immediate attention, a plumbing emergency is an issue which, when left unaddressed, can lead to more damage. For instance, problems like clogged drains or blocked sinks are a hindrance but failure of a sump pump moments ahead of a rainstorm can lead to potential flooding and is thus an emergency.


Plumbing emergencies can also be subjective. If you are someone who can bear cold or if the weather in your area is pleasant, then the failure of your water heater may not be an emergency for you. However, you may need urgent repair or replacement if your water heater breaks down during the harsh Canadian winter.


No matter your plumbing emergency, you can rely on our expert plumbers to provide quick and effective solutions. Give us a call, and we will be right with you!

Common Plumbing Emergencies

Some plumbing problems can wait, but others need to be dealt with right away. Here are several common emergency issues and what you can do to fix them and when you should call for help.

Blocked toilet

We all know the panic of flushing the toilet and watching the water rise instead of draining. This can sometimes be fixed by using an accordion or flange plunger. Your toilet becomes blocked when objects restrict waste or water from passing through the trap or plumbing vent. In rare cases, it can also mean there are problems with your main sewer line. To unblock your toilet, you need enough pressure to flush away the waste and blockage. If you find you are unable to unblock your toilet, our team can help you get your bathroom back to functionality.

Clogged drains

The most common sign of a clogged drain is if your bath, shower, or sink drains slowly or not at all. A persistent, foul smell can also indicate a blockage, as can unusual gurgling noises. The most common cause is an accumulation of things like hair, food waste and soap residue. Try dislodging the clog with a plunger, but avoid chemical drain cleaners, as they can damage your pipes. If you can’t remove the clog yourself, call an emergency plumber.

Drain backup

Left alone, pipe clogs can cause your drains to back up. Sinks, drains and toilets may make gurgling sounds and emit a foul odour, and your water may be draining slower than usual. Oftentimes, drain backups are caused by things like fabric, oil or toys obstructing the pipes. A tree root infiltration may also be to blame. If you notice any of these issues, contact Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. to inspect your drains.

Frozen pipes

If you notice that water is flowing very slowly from a fixture or not at all, then chances are your pipes are frozen. While you may be able to fix it yourself, it’s best to call a plumber. In the meantime, try to narrow down the location of the blockage by trying different faucets. Whatever you do, act fast. Frozen pipes can burst, which will result in serious water damage and a steep repair bill.

Sewer backup

Sewer backups occur when something prevents the waste that comes from your house from flowing into the municipal sewer system, forcing it to back up into your home. Common causes of sewer backups include a blockage in the house’s main sewer line, either because of tree roots growing inside the pipe or a clog caused by a buildup of debris like grease and non-flushable paper products, as well as very heavy rain. In some cases, a defective city sanitary main is to blame. No matter the cause, be sure to call us right away if you have a backup.

Burst or broken pipes

Shut off the water supply ASAP and move waterlogged items to a dry location. Remove as much water as you can with a sump pump or wet-dry vacuum, and call a plumber to replace the pipe.

Burst hot water tank

This issue is serious, and you’ll need to act quickly to mitigate damage. Note that a burst hot water tank will try to refill, causing a lot of damage. Shut off the water and turn off the valve under the gas tanks. Turn off the electricity before you remove damaged items. You can then try to dry up any flooding while you wait for the plumber to arrive.

Other flooding

If the flooding is not caused by a damaged pipe, track down the source and call an expert to help resolve the issue. Problems with the house’s foundation, for instance, can sometimes be a cause of flooding.

Dealing with Plumbing Emergencies

A minor leak may not seem like a big deal, but it can create large problems if left unattended. Whether it occurs at your home or business, always address leaks quickly.

Turn off the water supply. This will prevent further damage from leaks and burst pipes. You can shut off the water running to specific fixtures or, if you can’t find the cause of the leak, shut off the main water supply.

Call an emergency plumber. With 24/7 emergency services, an emergency plumber will be able to analyze the situation and fix the problem quickly.

Assess the damage. When you call your insurance company or an emergency plumber, having more details when explaining the problem will help them understand the issue, bring the proper tools and fix the problem quickly.

At Pitton Heating & Plumbing Inc, we are well-equipped with professional tools to handle all kinds of residential, commercial or industrial plumbing emergencies.

With 24/7 emergency services, an emergency plumber will be able to analyze the situation and fix the problem quickly. Call us today to book your emergency plumber in Hamilton today.

Emergency Plumbing Repairs: If You Need Us, We’ll Be There.

We can help you resolve an array of emergency plumbing problems and can assist you with repairs, cleanouts, burst water pipes, frozen lines, and backups in your sewer line and main line. If you need us, we will be there. Based in Hamilton, our services are available throughout the GTHA and Southwestern Ontario, including:

Stoney Creek

And surrounding areas

Why Choose Us?

If you are dealing with a plumbing emergency, it is important to look for professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable so that they can provide effective solutions. When you choose us as your emergency plumber in Hamilton, you get the following:

No problem is ever too difficult, simple, large or small for our team. We come equipped with a fully-stocked service vehicle to ensure you get the repairs you need when you need them. Contact us to schedule your service appointment with a licensed and certified plumber today.

Need an Emergency Plumber in Hamilton?

Don’t waste any time, and reach out to Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. immediately!

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