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Yes, spring is here! But not all visions of the warmer months are associated with rosy sights and smells. This is the time to plan trips, treks, outdoor events and fun get-togethers, which means looking for portable toilets in all these places. The thought of a portable potty in the middle of the woods is enough to make you forget all the roses around you, no matter how exciting the event. The last thing you look forward to is lining up before makeshift washrooms, wondering about the state of things inside. Even one unpleasant experience can make you think twice about accepting outdoor event invitations.

We at Pitton Plumbing understand your concerns and go out of our way to make sure the season’s celebrations continue. That is why we take care to construct a wide selection of attractive portable toilet units with attention to 100% hygiene, that do both your nose and your eyes proud. See how we satisfy you in our sanitation services:

Sitting on the Fence? Rent a Porta Potty Instead!

Pitton Plumbing offers temporary toilets for convenience, hygiene and overall event branding. See why you should rent one for your next big event:

  1. Fresh for your next guest: The longer a toilet fills with waste, the more it will stink, especially towards the end of the day. With a flushable toilet, you eliminate this concern.

  2. Protection from diseases: A porta potty with a flush reduces the chance of contracting infections from human waste. There is no overflow or unsightly sights and smells to ruin your moment.

  3. Easy to Clean: Flushing porta potties are easy to clean, deodorize, sanitize and maintain. They look more comforting, and the restroom remains clean through the entire event.

  4. Environmentally friendly: If you are looking for environmentally friendly options, you could also choose a non-flush porta potty. A regular toilet can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day. Portable toilets save 125 million gallons of fresh water

  5. Chemicals minimize odours: The blue liquid in the non-flush options keep the restroom smelling fresh and deodorized.

For extra hygiene and convenience, portable potties can be supplemented with handwashing stations and hand sanitizer dispensers. Keep a trash can nearby, tissue boxes and extra toilet paper rolls. Make sure the area is ventilated, cleaned at frequent intervals and well-lit. Also make sure that all supplies and cleansing products are replenished at regular intervals.

Rent a Hygienic Porta Potty for the Crowds Flocking to Your Hamilton Event

When you rent our toilets, you can be certain that your guests are comfortable throughout the day. If you host an outdoor private function, portable toilets keep visitors out of the private spaces of your home in Hamilton. We at Pitton Plumbing provide 100% hygienic portable toilets and restrooms in a variety of styles for every special occasion, from festivals and corporate functions to backyard parties. We offer add-ons such as sanitizing stations, handwashing facility and extra-large units for more space if you need. Inquire about budget and style options that fit your summer event best. Our team is trained to offer friendly, professional services and deliver the best units at the most competitive prices. We provide sanitary services to a range of clients from industrial companies, construction businesses, homeowners and event coordinators in the Greater Hamilton Area from Niagara Falls to Toronto. Know more about our Hamilton portable bathroom rentals and services. Call us today at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online.


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