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The summer season in Hamilton is all about beaches, outdoor festivals, camping and spending plenty of time outside. And sometimes, that means that the only bathroom in sight will be a Porta-Potty. Using a portable bathroom probably isn’t anyone’s idea of a fun-time but it doesn’t have to be an awful experience either. Here are five simple rules for perfect Porta-Potty etiquette this summer.

  1. Wait your turn Whether you’re at one of Hamilton’s many outdoor music festivals, a construction site or the beach, a portable bathroom is often the only option around. And that means that there might be a line-up. The only thing you can do in this situation is be patient and wait for your turn to come.

  2. Be quick Proper Porta-Potty etiquette dictates that you get in and get out. Remember how long you waited in line for your turn to come? Other people need to use the facilities too so try to conduct your business without texting, checking yourself out in the mirror or anything else that might hold up the line.

  3. Don’t make a mess We’d all like to think that it goes without saying that you shouldn’t make a mess in a portable bathroom but it does happen. Toilet paper on the floor. Empty cans or wrappers strewn about. Paper towel left in the sink. All these little messes add up and make the bathroom experience unpleasant for those behind you. Try your best to keep it orderly.

  4. Clean up after yourself If you do happen to make a mess, make your mother proud and do your best to clean up after yourself. The next person in line will appreciate even the smallest of efforts to put everything in its proper place. Especially if you’re extra sweet and you remember to wipe the seat.

  5. Be considerate When it comes to Porta-Potty etiquette, there’s only one rule that you really need to remember: be considerate. If you can remember to be considerate whenever you use a Porta-Potty in Hamilton or anywhere else, the world will be a better place for it.

Contact us for Portable Sanitation Services in Hamilton & surrounding areas

If you have an upcoming construction project or special event in Hamilton and that requires the use of a portable bathroom, come to Pitton Portables in Hamilton for all of your portable sanitation needs. We’re dedicated to providing competitive prices and fast and friendly service for the highest quality sanitation experience possible. Contact us today to learn more about our services or request a free quote.


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