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A Look at the Different Types of Portable Bathrooms

The name George Harding might not be familiar to you, but this man has forever made your life easier. Harding was the first person awarded a patent for portable bathrooms in the U.S. and the creator of the first American Porta-John.

Since the days of George Harding, the portable bathroom industry has grown in scope and in quality. Portable toilets today have evolved to feature not only a toilet bowl, but also a urinal, disinfecting chemicals (instead of water), and a range of other benefits, as you will see below. Here is a look at a few types of portable toilets we offer: VIP Trailers. This is not your average portable toilet. With heat and air conditioning, hot and cold water, and climate control, VIP trailers help your guests gain the comfort of an indoor restroom at your outdoor event. VIP trailers are also aesthetically pleasing, with a stainless steel mirror and porcelain toilet among the features. Wheelchair Accessible Portable Toilet. Every event you will ever host needs to have a toilet that can accommodate every guest. Failing to provide the right type of moveable toilet ensures that attendees will not come back again. Wheelchair accessible portables have a lower toilet and non-slip flooring to accommodate all guests. White Wedding Units. Today, portable toilets are even designed for classy events. Pitton Plumbing’s white wedding units are perfect for an outdoor wedding. They are made in a uniform, classy white to match with the wedding décor. The next time you use a portable toilet, take a second to be thankful for the ease and convenience. You can allow attendees at your next event or jobsite to feel similar sentiments with portable toilets from Pitton Plumbing. We have the capacity to handle the bathroom needs of any size on any occasion, so give us a call for more information.


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