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Weather conditions will soon improve and as temperatures rise, so will the number of outdoor events. Whether you are hosting a wedding or an outdoor BBQ, there are plenty of things you can do to keep it an environmentally friendly event.

Tips for Hosting a Green Party

You do not have to tone down the fun element in order to be friendly to the environment. However, it may take a little pre-planning on your part to pull it all off.

  • Plan on “green” food. Try to include as much local and organic food possible at your BBQ. This may include salads using farm ingredients purchased locally and grilling organic vegetables that are free from pesticides.

  • Be smart with your grill. Instead of charcoal or wood grills which pollute the air, consider using a propane, gas or electric model.

  • Have a plastic-free party. Your party does not need to accumulate waste. Plastic water bottles and cups will only plague local landfills when the fun is done. You can offer reusable water bottles instead or even tell guests to bring their own.

  • Minimize all plastic disposables. When serving food, do what you can to avoid plastic disposables, such as plates and utensils. Instead, go with biodegradable cutlery, paper cups and plates. You can also use paper straws in cups instead of plastic or use glassware that can be washed and reused.

  • Offer recycling stations. You cannot eliminate all waste, but you could help organize it and encourage recycling at your party. Have your recycling bin out and if guests will be drinking from glass bottles or aluminum, have sorting stations so that everything is kept together properly, making it easier for disposal later on. While you are at it, have your guests toss some of their organic waste into your compost pile; your garden can benefit from your festivities too!

  • Be smart about the toilet. Consider renting portable bathrooms in Burlington, Oakville, or porta potties in Hamilton for your next event. This eliminates water consumption inside your home and these convenient outdoor toilets require no energy to operate.

Rent a Portable Bathroom for Your Next Event in Hamilton

For your next household party or summer event, go green and rent a portable bathroom from Pitton Portables. We pride ourselves on offering customers “green” solutions. Our special events team can help you find which portable bathroom is right for you and we even offer wheelchair accessible toilets as well as handwashing stations. Call Pitton Portables today to schedule your event rental at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online to inquire about porta potties in Hamilton.


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