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workers making roads at construction site


Summer’s here, and so is the Southern Ontario heat. If you’re having construction done, or if you manage a construction crew, you’ll want to make sure the conditions on your site are as comfortable as possible. Sanitary installations are a given, but never forget that heat and porta potties don’t always go well together. These tips will help you keep your construction site comfortable over the summer, ensuring that your crew works well and remains productive.

Consider additional service appointments

Making sure your portable bathroom is kept clean and well stocked is the bare minimum. While most sites can get by on a weekly service appointment, adding even one servicing per week can make a huge difference. Your crew will definitely notice that their bathrooms are cleaner and smell fresher, and more frequent cleanings will ensure that workers never have to wait to use the one good porta potty. This means less idle time and more productivity.

Don’t forget hand washing

Having enough porta potties and making sure they’re serviced regularly will go a long way, but don’t forget that workers spend entire days on sites. This means they eat on site, too, which implies that having enough hand washing stations is crucial. Picking the right hand washing sinks and placing them at key locations throughout the site means that your workers will have access to them when they need them. This will result in less idle time in addition to a more comfortable crew.

Consider upgrading

Some sites can do well with a few porta potties and enough hand washing stations, but if you’re managing a larger site, you might benefit from upgrading to a restroom trailer. These trailers are equipped with their own lighting and have a larger holding capacity than normal units. Not only do they offer a much more comfortable experience for your workers, but they’re also ideal if you expect to welcome visitors to your construction site.

Finding the right porta potty expert

One thing to always keep in mind is that each construction site is unique. Distinct layouts will call for varying sanitation installations, and a construction site in Hamilton will have different needs than a site in Calgary. If you’re looking for a porta potty solution in Hamilton, Pitton Plumbing has you covered. We offer personalized, fast and efficient service as well as an extensive range of specialized portable bathroom installations for construction sites. Contact us today to request a quote.


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