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woman calling for plumbing services

There are certainly a few services offering an emergency plumber in Oakville, Hamilton, and other surrounding cities, but what can you do while you wait for your plumber to arrive? To limit the damage to your home, and possibly mitigate the costs, there are some essential steps you can take while you wait. Troubleshooting and acting accordingly makes the process of repairing your home’s plumbing easier, and saves you plenty of hassles too.

Essential To Do’s While Waiting for Your Plumber

You have called for plumbing services, and the crew is on the way. At the moment, however, it is your turn to take the necessary actions to stop the damage from getting worse. Here is what you should do while you wait:

  • Locate and Shut Off the Water Main: You should know where the water main is to your home. Whether you have a leaking pipe or a pipe that burst, now is the time to turn off that main water supply and stop the water from seeping throughout your home. Most modern houses have a water shut off near the water meter, which is on the exterior of your property. These are typically marked with “water meter” or “main water supply.”

  • Turn Off Electrical Sources: Any time you have a leak, you must assess what electrical devices, appliances, and switches could be affected, and act accordingly. That means turning off the electricity where you have leaking pipes, flooding, and clogs. If there is no potential hazard, then you can skip this step.

  • Turn Off Your Hot Water: If the issue has to do with your water heater, turn it off so that it does not continue to draw water and drain into your basement or all over the flooring. This will also reduce chances for electrocution.

  • Clean Up What You Can: Do your best to clean up the water while you wait for your plumber. Your plumber will come with equipment to take care of excess water, but the more you start removing, the less damage you will have to your carpeting, floorboards, and walls. If the issue is a sewage leak, however, do not attempt to clean this up yourself. Instead, you will need a professional that can properly and safely remove sewage water, and sanitize the area.

  • Turn Off the Affected Water Line: When you have just one faucet or area of the house causing an issue, you can turn that water source off. Most will have their water shutoff lines, including dishwashers, refrigerator water lines, kitchen sinks, and bathroom sinks. Locate these valves and turn them off so that they do not continue to spread water and the associated damage.

You may need a wrench to turn off some of your valves, especially the main water supply to your home. When a water-related disaster strikes your Oakville or Hamilton home, you need an experienced plumber ready to respond. The team from Pitton Plumbing can help with your plumbing emergency, clogs, and even take care of your fall plumbing to-dos. Have your plumbing emergency taken care of by the team at Pitton Plumbing. We handle everything from broken pipes to floods, sewage backup, and more. Call us now at 1-800-499-4184. If it is not an emergency, you can also contact us online with your questions and concerns.


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