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people enjoying meal at a backyard party


You’ve got your big summer backyard bash all planned out: food, drinks, seating, decor, games and more. You’ve got everything you could possibly need to host that family reunion or neighbourhood BBQ, but one thing people often forget to plan for is the bathroom situation. Where are all your guests supposed to go? Can your personal bathroom really accommodate all these people? Many people don’t realize how convenient it is to rent portable restrooms for their outdoor party. A portable toilet isn’t just for construction sites or festivals, it can be delivered to your home for just one evening or weekend.

Portable toilet rentals make hosting an outdoor party easier

Here’s how portable toilets simplify your party:

  • They prevent dirt from getting tracked into your home by guests

  • Toilet paper, hand sanitizer and soap are supplied

  • They make people far less likely to use your bushes as a restroom

  • They accommodate more guests and heavy traffic than your personal toilet, preventing plumbing issues in your home

  • They’re serviced and removed after your event, cutting down on your clean-up tasks

  • They prevent guests from wandering around your home or standing in a bathroom lineup

  • Hand sanitizer in every unit keeps the spread of germs to a minimum

Portable toilets for events of all kinds

You may have never considered renting portable sanitation services at your home before, but it really helps alleviate the stress of holding a large event and lets you focus on being an amazing host. Here’s why:

  • Less worry. We dispose of all waste for you, leaving zero mess. We take care of delivery and pick up.

  • No maintenance. For long term rentals, we sanitize and restock supplies once a week.

  • Efficient service. Our friendly service technicians are reliable, prompt and professional, with high sanitation standards.

  • Customized rental times. You can rent a toilet for one night, several days, weeks or months.

  • A perfect fit for your event. There are many different styles and models to fit everyone’s needs, including wheelchair accessible units, single and double units and handwashing stations. There are even special white portable toilets for weddings.

Portable Bathroom Rentals in Southern Ontario

Pitton Plumbing offers a wide range of portable bathroom rentals for almost any event, whether residential or industrial. We offer service across Southern Ontario, so contact us when you’re planning your next big outdoor celebration!


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