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Portable Toilets

High-Rise Construction Units

Regular Portable Unit with a High-Rise Sling: High-Rise Construction Units in Hamilton

Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc is where you can rent high-rise construction units in Hamilton. Our Regular Portable Unit with a High-Rise Sling is ideal for tough to reach job sites, such as the top of high-rise buildings. The lifting hooks, wrapped in a no-rust galvanized steel, enable the unit to be easily lifted by a crane. The unit’s durability with the added resilience of the steel slings is a guarantee that this alternative will be perfect for your high-rise location.

Dimensions Holding Tank Capacity Additional Options
47″L x 44″W x 91″H 60 Gallons Battery Operated Light

Roll-off Units

The unit is designed for high-rise construction projects where it is necessary to consistently move the toilets from level to level. The Roll-Off Unit is intended to be easily rolled to elevator or lifted by crane in order to be used and serviced in the most accommodative manner. The heavy-duty casters allow for the unit to be maneuvered with ease, but also lock for stability. The steel frame of the unit has a long-life durability and can withstand construction abuse.

Dimensions Holding Tank Capacity
53″L x 33″W x 69″H 38 Gallons
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