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Portable Toilets

Portable Toilet Usage Chart - Construction

Portable Toilet Usage Chart for Construction Sites in Hamilton

Portable toilet usage chart on construction sites in Ontario is regulated by the Ministry of Labour of Ontario under the Construction Health & Safety Act and its Regulation 213-91, Section 29 as amended by Regulation 145/00. Under this regulation, the Ministry calls for heated portable toilets with flushing systems and warm water (where possible).


At Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc in Hamilton, we refer to those units as Single Self-Contained Units and Double Self-Contained Trailers. The Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act states that the bowl of the toilet must be separate from the holding tank; and that once the waste is flushed, the waste is chemically treated in the holding tank. This regulation also states that a heated unit must be used whenever possible.


The table below demonstrates the regulations set out by the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act:

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