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Commercial & Industrial Plumbing

Sewer & Drain Installation & Repair

Industrial and Commercial Sewer & Drain Installation & Repair in Hamilton

Broken sewer? Drain leaking? Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc has the solution! We specialize in sewer and drain installation and repair and are a trusted name in Hamilton and the surrounding regions. We can repair anything from a leaking sink drain to a main sewer that has collapsed. Our trained plumbers have the knowledge and the equipment to get the job done at a fair price and in a proper fashion.


We repair, replace or install main sewers, basin drains, toilet drains, kitchen stacks, main building stacks, shower drains, floor drains, urinal drains… basically any and all drains that you can think of! Our experienced personnel are able to repair your drain, whether it is leaking or broken, and explain all the steps along the way. Our plumbers will never complete a task without consent and will take all precautions necessary to ensure that the job is completed correctly and to plumbing code.

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