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Double Self-Contained Trailer: Washroom Trailer Rentals in Hamilton

Our Double Self-Contained Trailer is similar to our Single Self-Contained Unit and our Double Self-Contained Unit. The only difference from the Double Self-Contained Unit is that the two identical washrooms are on a trailer. These units can be labelled as Men & Women. Each unit requires one 15 AMP 110 Volt Power Cord and one 20 AMP 220 Volt Power Cord.Unlike the other Self-Contained Units, this trailer is elevated and has a step to get into the restroom. These units cannot be lifted or picked up by a forklift. For good-quality washroom trailer rentals in Hamilton, contact Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc.



Dimensions Holding Tank Capacity Fresh Water Capacity
60″L x 156″W x 156″H 200 Gallons 150 Gallons
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