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Portable Toilets

Regular Portable Units


Our porta-potty units are ideal for a variety of uses – from festivals to backyard parties in Hamilton and the surrounding areas. The units are delivered directly to the site location and serviced by a dedicated service technician in a prompt and impeccable manner. Pitton Plumbing proudly delivers these units based on their durability and quality. Our porta potties are built to withstand most elements from temperatures between -40°C to 40°C. When you rent one of our units, you can rest assured that there will be dependable delivery and efficient, professional service.

Units Include:

  • Urinal

  • Door Mirror

  • Hand Sanitizer & Dispenser

  • Toilet Paper

Transparent Portable Unit.png
Holding Tank Capacity
Additional Options
47"L x 44"W x 91"H
60 Gallons
Battery Operated Light

Various Interior Options of Regular Porta Potties Offered

The Regular Portable Units are also available with the following interior modifications:

Regular Portable Unit with a Sink

The Regular Portable Units with the Interior Sink option have a freshwater storage tank inside the unit, which a foot pump can operate for hygienic purposes. All of the grey water then drains into the holding tank.


Regular Portable Unit with a Flusher

The Regular Portable Units with a re-circulating flush tank are activated by a foot pump. The waste is flushed into the tank by the foot pump and remains in the holding tank.


Regular Portable Unit with a Sink & Flusher

The Regular Portable Units with a Re-circulating Flush Tank and an Interior Sink provide the options of both fresh water and the capability of flushing the waste away. The Interior Sink stores fresh water which is activated by a foot pump and then drains into the holding tank. The waste has the ability to be flushed into the tank and remains in the holding tank.

Benefits of Porta Potty Rentals

Porta potties come in handy when you have a large event and need some extra restrooms for guests. If you're hosting a festival or concert, porta potty rentals are one of the best ways to ensure your guests are comfortable, and it also helps prevent them from having to walk too far to relieve themselves.

Available in different shapes, styles, and designs, our porta potties are budget-friendly and come with various upgrades.

Our porta potties are equipped with basic amenities like toilet paper, paper towels, and sanitizer.

If you want to learn more about the many benefits of porta potty rentals, please browse our blog.

Reliable Porta Potty Rental Services in Hamilton

We offer porta potties rentals for weddings, sporting events, construction sites and more.

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