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Residential Plumbing

Sewage Pump & Sump Pump Installation & Repair


Is your basement backing up? Or are you concerned about flooding issues? Most people don’t know that sump pumps are effective in pumping water and sewage waste away from their homes. To avoid flooding in your basement, call the professionals at Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. in Hamilton for sump pump installation on your residential property.

While new homes come with a pre-installed sump pump, our team can install sewage and sump pumps in your old home. We can also repair and maintain pre-installed sump pumps to ensure their optimal performance. Get in touch with us today to request a service.

We look forward to providing you with quality sewage pump and sump pump installation in Hamilton.

What Are Sump Pumps?

Sump pumps are installed in the lowest part of your basement or crawlspace, usually in a specially constructed sump pit. Water flows into the pit either through drains or from natural water movement through the soil. Once water is collected in the pit, the sump pump then pumps the water out and away from the building so that the basement stays dry.

Sump Pump Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

There are different ways to install a sump pump on your property. It can be hardwired into your electrical system or plugged into an outlet. Some sump pumps also have a backup battery that allows them to function even when there is a power outage, while others can draw power from your house’s water pressure. Our team of licensed plumbers has the skill and experience to install all these types of sump pumps without any trouble. 

While there are ways to keep your sump pumps working optimally for a long time with regular maintenance, like every machine, normal wear and tear will take a toll on their performance. If your pump is making weird noises, vibrating constantly, not turning on, showing signs of old age, or running continuously, then it might be time to get it repaired. You can call us for repair and maintenance, and we will provide you with satisfactory results.

What Are Sewage Pumps?

Sewage ejector pumps are installed when a plumbing fixture is placed below a main sewer. The waste and water from these lines have to reach the main lines so they can be disposed of, but that can only happen with the help of a pump. Sewage ejector pumps are used to pump residential sewage to the elevated city sewer line.


Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. will ensure that both sump and sewage pumps are installed correctly and will work to your advantage in the most convenient way possible. We are able to install, replace and repair these pumps in Hamilton and surrounding areas. We even offer services to clean the sump pump pit that the pump is installed within.

close up view of a sump pump

Why Choose Us for Sump Pump Installation in Hamilton?

Having been in the industry for 4 decades, we have acquired the skills and expertise to provide quality plumbing solutions. Our experienced plumbers will be able to assess each situation and determine the type of pump required for your needs. They will also be more than happy to clarify any concerns or questions that you may have. We provide services in Hamilton and all of southern Ontario, including Burlington and Oakville. Give us a call to learn more about our sewer and sump pump installation in Hamilton and surrounding areas.

Need a Sump Pump Installed on Your Residential Property?

We offer high-quality sewage pump and sump pump installation services in Hamilton.

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