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Portable Toilets

Self Contained Units

Single Self-Contained Unit: Self-Contained Restrooms in Hamilton

Our Self-Contained Restrooms are not only ideal for Hamilton’s construction projects, but also required by the Ministry of Labour. They can be used in remote areas where running water and sewer services are not available, such as: construction sites, sales offices or yard washrooms. Their heavy gauge steel exterior is built to withstand all elements including the construction atmosphere. We consistently maintain all of our units to keep them as good as new. Our technicians service the units weekly by cleaning, restocking, removing the waste and filling the unit with fresh water. They will also check all of the components to ensure everything is working properly.


The units are insulated and equipped with heaters for winter use to accommodate the comfort that you require. The interior of the unit comes complete with a porcelain toilet and urinal and a stainless steel sink and countertop. The unit has a full time continuous power ventilation system, hot and cold running water, paper towels, toilet tissue and soap. With a lighting system, white fiberglass interior walls, and a mirror, this unit is a pleasant experience for the user.


All of our units are built to last and can be moved with a proper forklift or lifted from the roof by a crane. Each unit requires two 15 AMP 110 Volt Power Cords. The Single Self-Contained Unit has a key lock, white exterior and are ground floor accessible.

Dimensions Holding Tank Capacity Fresh Water Capacity
60″L x 60″W x 108″H 110 Gallons 75 Gallons

Double Self-Contained Unit

Our Double Self-Contained Unit is similar to our Single Self-Contained Unit. The only difference is there are two separate washrooms instead of one. These units can be labelled as Men & Women. Each unit requires one 15 AMP 110 Volt Power Cord and one 20 AMP 220 Volt Power Cord.

Dimensions Holding Tank Capacity Fresh Water Capacity
60″L x 156″W x 108″H 200 Gallons 150 Gallons
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