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Portable Toilets

Handwash Stations

Rocela Single-Person Handwash Stations

If you plan to rent one or more portable toilets for an upcoming event, you’ll want to make sure your guests have the means to wash their hands even if there isn’t running water on site. We offer stand-alone handwash stations for indoor and outdoor use. Whether you’re hosting a family picnic, golf tournament, outdoor wedding or other event, a single person handwash station is the perfect solution to ensure proper hand hygiene. These rental units are also a practical option for construction sites and any other location where indoor plumbing isn’t available.

Units Include:

  • Soap dispensers

  • Hands-free foot pump

  • Paper towels & dispensers

  • Fresh water

  • All-aluminum vanity



18 Gallons fresh and grey water tanks

23" wide, 28" deep, 53" high

Rocela Hand-washing station
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