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Residential Plumbing

High Pressure Flushing

Clean the Drain with Our High Pressure Flushing Services in Hamilton

high pressure flushing equipment installed in a van

Sometimes when there is a high amount of sludge, sewage, grease or excess debris in a sewer or drain, High Pressure Flushing is the best option to clean the drain. Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc has specialized High Pressure Flushing Service Vehicles that have the capability of resolving your drain issues in Hamilton. These vehicles are strategically planned out with the most efficient practices in mind.


High Pressure Flushing is also very useful when cleaning out a sewage or sump pit or an area with hardened sludge and debris. Some customers schedule High Pressure Flushing for the cleaning of underneath garbage compacters or for the maintenance of drains in restaurant kitchens. Often times, High Pressure Flushing is paired with Electric Drain Augering depending on the severity of the drain problem.


No matter what your issue may be, when Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc arrives to the jobsite, they come prepared. We would like to resolve your drain issue with the most professionalism possible and in the timeliest manner.

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