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Portable toilets are a practical bathroom solution for construction sites, festivals, sporting events, outdoor weddings and other occasions. Unfortunately, they also have a bad rap, and many people hold misconceptions about renting portable toilets. Here are a few myths that simply aren’t true.

1.) They’re dirty and smell bad At Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc., we pride ourselves on delivering spotless equipment that’s fully functional every time. What’s more, our service technicians are responsible for ensuring your portable toilets remain clean for the duration of your event. Our standard units include one weekly cleaning, with more frequent servicing available upon request. It’s important to keep in mind that portable toilets only become odorous and unsanitary if they’re overused. This is why our experienced staff will work with you to determine how many rentals you’ll need to accommodate all your guests for the entirety of your event. 2.) They lack basic bathroom amenities While all our basic units include toilet paper, hand sanitizer and an interior mirror, we also offer models with a sink and flushing system. Alternatively, you can rent two- or four-person handwash stations to provide an open-air space for washing up. Our electric sink trailers even provide both hot and cold water. If you want your guests to truly feel like they’re in a luxurious indoor bathroom, our VIP trailers are just what you need. Among other things, these two-washroom restroom trailers include a stainless-steel mirrored vanity, self-closing faucets (with hot and cold water), porcelain toilets and climate control to ensure a pleasant and comfortable bathroom experience. 3.) They’re an eyesore at events If you want to rent portable toilets for an outdoor wedding, corporate event, anniversary party or other special occasions, there are plenty of ways to ensure they don’t disrupt the ambiance of your event. Our sleek white wedding units are an elegant solution, or you can upgrade to our VIP trailers for maximum comfort and myriad amenities. Additionally, you can spruce up the units with flowers, decorative lighting, privacy screens and more to create a luxurious restroom area for your guests.

Affordable Rentals in Southwestern Ontario

Another common myth about portable toilet rentals is that they’re expensive. The reality is that our team at Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. strives to offer spotless products and efficient services at competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more about our portable rentals or to request a free quote. Our service area includes Hamilton, Niagara Falls and many of the surrounding communities.


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