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man facing plumbing issue while bathing

“AHHH!!!” You jump out of the shower and are soaking wet. You almost slip as you clutch onto the curtain. This isn’t how you meant to start your day, is it? A cold shower in the dead of winter in Ontario. Doesn’t sound too pleasant, does it?

It’s not something you think about every day, but when the issue arises you do. Water heater problems show themselves in various forms. It’s necessary to address whatever issue arises as soon as possible. For five common water heater problems and what to do about them, read our helpful guide below. 1. Zero Hot Water When you don’t have hot water it usually means you need power. If it’s not the power, other reasons may be your thermostat and/or heating elements are on the fritz. Tripped circuit breakers are a common cause and you’ll need to monitor the breaker box. Eliminate power to see if that’s the issue. 2. In Need of More Hot Water If you need more hot water, look no further than the thermostat. Turn up the temperature of the heating element in need of adjustment. When it’s cold in Ontario, your home’s pipes will struggle. On your tank’s thermostat, raising the temperature may do the trick. 3. Smelly Water Does the smell of your water resemble a rotten egg? This foul smell is usually the culprit of bacteria infection in your tank. If your home uses well water, then this unpleasant situation is one of the water heater problems you’ll want to resolve quickly. To solve this yourself, flush your tank with water and hydrogen peroxide. Have the formula sit in the tank for two hours. From there, flush again with clear water. If the problem persists, you may need to replace the anode rod. 4. Loud Water Tank Sediment at the bottom of your water tank may be the reason for a noisy tank. The heating element is burning the sediment buildup. To take care of the racket, you’ll need to flush the water heater. This ought to be done at least once a year for routine maintenance. 5. Tank Leakage If your tank is leaking, it may be the beginning of the end, unfortunately. Do not take this lightly, and don’t ignore the problem. If you do, it may result in more damage down the line with severe drainage in your basement. You will notice water leaking from the bottom of the tank. Condensation, loose and leaking drain valves, and corrosion are common water heater problems resulting in tank leakage. When this problem happens, you must replace your water heater. Call a professional immediately to resolve the problem. Have Your Water Heater Problems Solved – Call Pitton Plumbing & Heating Today! Your water heater problems are important to address. The issues discussed should give you a better idea of how to handle situations that arise. Home maintenance is an ongoing relationship. It’s best to address things head-on, rather than hide them under the rug. The good news is that you’re never alone. Our services will adhere to all your needs. Do not hesitate to schedule a service call today. We’ll get you squared away in no time!


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