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Large or small, hosting your wedding outdoors is a great way to make an important day even more memorable. While we don’t always associate weddings with portable sanitation, here’s why you should consider renting portable toilets for your wedding.

1. It can save your wedding

Venues like wineries, farms or privates beaches often aren’t equipped with the facilities required to accommodate even a small wedding, let alone a large one. Renting portable restrooms means that you won’t have to make the devastating decision of abandoning your dream venue simply because there aren’t enough bathrooms. Portable toilets may also be the only way to ensure proper sanitation when selecting particularly remote venues.

2. You can keep the party going longer

Even if your venue has sanitation facilities, this doesn’t mean that you and your guests can use them as long as you like. Wedding ceremonies and parties may extend past normal operating hours. Unless you work out a solution with the venue, your wedding may end up being memorable for the wrong reasons.

3. It can save you money

Unfortunately, most venues charge extra fees for after-hours use of their restrooms, usually because it means having to keep more staff on site for longer. Depending on the size of your wedding, portable toilet rentals may be a more sensible choice. In addition, some venues may offer a discount on rental costs if you provide the restrooms, particularly if alcohol is being served.

4. It’s convenient

Renting portable toilets can also make things a little more comfortable for your guests. Even if the venue facilities are accessible, having a few toilets located closer to the heart of the party means less time spent waiting in line and more fun for everyone.

5. It won’t ruin your wedding

A little scepticism about renting portable toilets for your wedding is understandable, but many companies offer special units designed for weddings. Not only do they come in immaculate white, they’re also more spacious than standard models. You can also rent upgraded restroom trailers, which offer both cold and hot water, air conditioning and superior construction for increased comfort.

Rent Portable Toilets for your Wedding – Contact Us for a Free Quote!

Whether you’re planning a small, intimate ceremony on a private beach or a large multi-day wedding on a farm, portable toilets are a smart choice to ensure everyone is as comfortable as possible. Each wedding is different, so give us a call at Pitton Plumbing to start planning your special day.


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