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Running water drains down a stainless steel sink

An unusual sound coming from a drain or plumbing fixture can range from a minor annoyance to a major concern. It’s important to identify the source of the noise as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of having a plumbing emergency. Here’s an overview of some common plumbing sounds and what causes them.

  1. Gurgling Often, if you hear this noise coming from a sink, shower or bathtub drain after using it, a blocked drain or vent pipe is to blame. If the gurgling noise can be heard from multiple fixtures in your home, the blockage is likely in the main pipe, which is a more serious issue. In rarer cases, gurgling can indicate a damaged or collapsed pipe.

  2. Running water A toilet that won’t stop running is a common plumbing problem that can occur for a number of reasons. The rubber plug or flapper that allows the toilet tank to refill could be worn out or misaligned. A toilet may also constantly run if the water level in the tank is set too high or the fill valve needs to be replaced.

  3. Banging If you hear a clanking or banging noise coming from inside your walls when you flush the toilet or run your washing machine, it’s likely caused by the water hammer. This refers to the pressure surge that occurs when the water rushing through your pipes is forced to abruptly stop or change direction. Water hammers can cause your pipes to shake and make noise.

  4. Dripping A dripping noise coming from the drain usually indicates a leaky pipe or fixture. Water stains on the wall or pooling beneath a sink are also telltale signs of this issue. If you only hear the sound after using hot water, however, the dripping may be the result of PVC pipes expanding from the heat.

  5. Loud toilet refill If your toilet makes a shrill whining noise after you flush it, the sound might be caused by restricted water flow to the refill valve in the tank. The valve might be jammed and unable to open fully. Otherwise, you might need to clean or replace the washers on the ballcock mechanism.

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