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neat and clean portable toilet units arranged in a line


There are lots of reasons to rent portable restrooms. They’re indispensible (and legally required) at most construction sites, and they provide comfort for guests at all sorts of events, from huge festivals to intimate backyard weddings. No matter why you’re renting one, you’re responsible for making sure your portable toilet rentals are clean and comfortable for your guests or workers. Here are six tips for keeping them spotless and inviting.

1. Order enough portable toilets.

Long lineups and dirty restrooms are indications that there aren’t sufficient facilities available. Use our portable toilet usage charts for special events and construction sites to determine how many units you need. For festivals, concerts and parties, don’t forget to take into account how long the event will last and whether your guests will be eating and drinking.

2. Stagger their locations.

You’ll need a lot of portable restrooms if you’re planning a big event like a festival or concert. The best thing to do is to lay them out them strategically to spread usage across all your units. Be sure to place plenty of units in high traffic areas (like near the main attractions and entrance) and additional washrooms in low traffic areas.

3. Book extra cleaning services.

All of our portable toilet rentals are cleaned once a week. However, if you feel like this isn’t enough, we’re more than happy to provide extra maintenance services.

4. Hire an attendant.

If you’re expecting a large crowd at your event, a bathroom attendant is a wise investment. This is somebody you hire to regularly verify the state of your portable toilets, clean up messes and restock supplies.

5. Check on them regularly.

If your event isn’t big enough to warrant an attendant, it’s up to you to inspect your washrooms regularly. Keep an eye on your supplies, and keep extra toilet paper, hand towels, soap and hand sanitizer on hand in case you run out. Regularly clean the units, concentrating on the areas users touch most often including the toilet paper holder, the hand sanitizer dispenser and the handles.

6. Air them out.

The smell many people associate with portable toilets is a result of the door being constantly kept closed. Opening the doors to your units a few times a day will go a long way in keeping them smelling fresh and clean.

Choose Pitton for Your Portable Sanitation Needs Across SW Ontario

Pitton Plumbing is Southwestern Ontario’s top choice for sanitation services. Call us today to arrange your portable toilet rental or simply keep us in mind for your next big event or construction project.


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