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Is your kitchen looking a little drab? Spruce up your home with modern fixtures, contemporary appliances and more! An overhaul of a kitchen is no easy feat. It requires planning, budgeting and consulting. There is a lot to consider before remodelling. Don’t get stuck in a bind or end up with a safety issue. Your kitchen renovation project should be fun, not a hassle! Tackle your renovations with the help of professional contractors and plumbers in Oakville, Hamilton and Burlington. At Pitton Plumbing and Heating, our team has seen its fair share of plumbing issues with kitchens. Follow our guidelines for a safe, happy and beautiful kitchen renovation!

Ask for an estimate

Get a quote from general contractors, designers and plumbers before you start your project. Whether you need designers from Toronto or expert plumbing in Hamilton, consult professionals. You deserve the best kitchen for you and your family. Ensure that your sinks, dishwashers and faucets work properly with the help of professionals.

Be safe

Planning ahead makes for safe kitchen renovations. Don’t let improper installations lead to a fire or flood. Hire experts to ensure your redesign is not a hazard. Just remember: construction is dangerous work. It requires tools, protective wear and experience. Your kitchen should be an oasis, not a risk to your safety!

Convenient layout and installation

Our team has tips for fixture placement to avoid disasters. Our knowledge comes from years of experience in plumbing in the Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton area.

  • Dishwashers and sinks: Your dishwasher and sink should be close together. It makes cleaning and plumbing easy. Traditional kitchen use triangle layouts to ensure efficiency between your sink, refrigerator and stovetop.

  • Food waste disposers: Garburators are on their way up in Canada. These devices are installed underneath the kitchen sink. This is optimal for plumbing, draining and general convenience.

Installation and plumbing are harder than they seem. Trust a professional plumber to handle all the details.

Optimal water supply

Your water supply plays a crucial role in your kitchen’s functionality. Water supply pipes are part of every home’s plumbing system.

  • Plastic or copper? The answer depends on the plumbing system in your home. Both sets have their advantages although copper is more popular. However, plastic pipes do not corrode like copper pipes.

  • Water filtration: You don’t want tainted, discoloured or pungent water. Opt for the best that modern plumbing has to offer to filter out bacteria and waste.

When it comes to kitchen remodelling, we have seen it all. We offer unmatched experience in Hamilton, Oakville, and Burlington area plumbing services. If you are considering major kitchen renovations, we are here to help. Contact us today to book an appointment!


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