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Tips for Planning a Successful Fun Run

Planning a “fun run” this year? It takes more work than you might initially think. Whether it’s a 5K fundraiser for the school, an annual local half-marathon, or a well-known marathon for thousands, the principles for a successful fun run are the same. With the right resources and help, planning a fun run is just that, fun! Here are a few tips to help you get through the planning successfully. Take your mark, get set, go!

Get Lots of Help

Start early by gathering volunteers to help you tend to all the details, from reserving a venue to holding the finish line tape. The more help you have, the less you have to worry about or do. You only have two hands so recruit lots of able people: • Principal, teachers, PTA, students • Community representatives • Local businesses • Neighbors • Running-based businesses or organizations • Scout troops, churches, clubs, service organizations

Lead with Flair

Your volunteers need your guidance. Before you begin, have a plan so you can efficiently communicate your goals, stay on schedule, and within your budget. Figure out what you personally need to handle and where your volunteers’ strengths lie. If one of your volunteers has access to the police department, perhaps they would be best suited to asking for help with road blockages before and during the run. If you have a volunteer who is very organized, put him or her in charge of handling all runner check-in procedures. You get the idea. Know what you can do and know what others can do so you use your resources wisely.

Organize the Details

Saving the date, getting the venue, mapping the route, and obtaining permits is the toughest part of the process. Here are a few things you want to make sure to get ready ahead of time for a run that comes off without a hitch: • Select a date when you’ll get a good turn-out • Map a route and venue that is accessible, safe, and the correct distance • Obtain enough portable bathrooms to meet the needs of all involved with the event • Some routes may require a “parade route” permit • Check with the police department to find out if you need police presence on the route • Order t-shirts and get participant numbers • Provide audio system and other technology (like time keeping) • Purchase awards • Promote and advertise for the event

Provide for Runners and Spectators

Fun runs attract a lot of people. Don’t forget to make things comfortable for everyone. Water is an absolute must for both runners and observers. You may want to consider providing concessions. Ask local grocery stores to donate snacks to the event to keep your costs down. Don’t forget restrooms! You can’t count on a few public restrooms in surrounding buildings to handle all the people at your event. Order portable toilets based on how many people you expect and how long you expect the event to be. Here is a helpful chart to determine how many to order. It also helps to provide hand sanitation stations as well. What about garbage cans, recycling, and groundskeepers? Keeping the area clean and leaving it in good condition will ensure you can use the venue again next year.

Enjoy the Fun Run

Even if you are too busy to actually run in the event yourself, allow yourself to enjoy the day. You are encouraging health and promoting a good cause. Hopefully all your hard work and excellent volunteers have made it smooth sailing. P.S. Pitton Plumbing rents portable toilets for fun runs and all types of events at an affordable price. Get in touch today for reliable portable bathroom rentals, washing stations, wheelchair accessible units, service, and delivery. Call today at 1-800-499-4184.


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