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a view of newly furnished bathroom

For many new homeowners, bathroom renovations are a must. For some, this means adding a second bathroom and for others, it means updating an already existing one. Often, new homeowners don’t know quite what to expect from this type of project. If this applies to you, here’s what you should know about renovating a bathroom.

The Planning Stage

There’s no demolition or construction during the first stage of remodelling a bathroom; it’s all about planning. This stage includes coming up with the design for your new bathroom, which you can do in collaboration with an architect or interior designer. You’ll also have to hire contractors such as carpenters, electricians and plumbers who can carry out the renovations. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional, as attempting a DIY project can result in costly, or even dangerous, mistakes.

The Renovation Stage

Once it’s time for construction on your bathroom to begin, you can expect there to be a lot of noise and mess. When hiring a contractor to remodel your bathroom, look for one who offers services to protect the rest of your home from debris. Dust protection services commonly involve the use of HEPA filters and plastic dividing walls.

The Benefits of Remodeling an Older Home’s Bathroom

Remodelling your bathroom isn’t necessarily all about how it looks, though a new countertop or shower can do wonders for the space’s esthetic appeal. In fact, updating certain plumbing features can reduce your water and electricity costs by upgrading to water-conserving appliances. For instance, get a showerhead reducer installed. Reducers give you different pressure options and save water by limiting the water flow that occurs per minute. Additionally, installing a thermostatic shower valve can also help conserve gallons of water per year by ensuring your shower doesn’t have to keep running until it reaches the right temperature. You can also install a high-efficiency or dual-flush toilet to halve your water consumption per flush or replace an old water heater with a more energy-efficient one. If you’re remodelling an older home, you may also need to update old plumbing and pipes to prevent future damage or emergencies. Talk to your plumber about scheduling an inspection if you suspect there’s a problem with your pipes.

Work With a Licensed Residential Plumber in The Hamilton Region

If you’re preparing to renovate your bathroom, give the team at Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. a call. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we guarantee that all installations and repair work will be done code. Our licensed plumbers have extensive experience with fixtures from manufacturers such as Kohler, Delta, and American Standard, so you can call on us no matter what type of plumbing is installed in your home. For information about our competitive rates, or to learn more about the plumbing and heating services we offer, contact us today.


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