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It does not matter what the temperatures outside are like; people need to use the restroom when they are outdoors for a few hours. If you are thinking about renting a portable bathroom, you might wonder if that would freeze in the icy temperatures. It is useful to know that when you have a portable bathroom rental in the winter, you need to take extra precautions so that you can provide the necessary restroom space, regardless of the season.

Tips for Portable Bathroom Rentals in Milton, Oakville, and Surrounding Cities in the Winter

Portable restrooms are essential in the winter. After all, if you host an outdoor event or a party, you need ample restroom space for your guests. When renting in the winter, here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Make Sure Anti-Freeze Additives are Added: When you are looking for companies to rent from, make sure the ones you choose provide an anti-freeze liquid in the portable restrooms to prevent the fluids from freezing. Your service provider may also place salt inside urinals to prevent a freeze-up.

  2. Service Your Portable Restroom Frequently: Portable restrooms require servicing regardless of the season, but extra attention in the winter. The company you rent from will need to apply the anti-freeze solution, but also pump and clean the unit at least one to two times per week. This ensures the unit is sanitized, and any waste that could freeze is removed before the opportunity arises.

  3. Proper Placement: Where you place your portable restrooms matters in the winter. Keeping them in the sun and away from the path of a snowplow is essential. You can add heaters to them for extra comfort.

  4. Trailers: When you need a long-term portable restroom rental, consider a VIP trailer instead of a traditional portable A VIP trailer is heated, shields your guests from high winds, and is more secure in the winter.

  5. Salt and Clear Space Around the Portable Restroom: Regardless of where you place that portable restroom, you are responsible for the safety around it too. Therefore, clear away snow and put salt on the entry points so that no one slips on ice.

  6. Order the Right Sizes: Depending on the size and nature of your event, you may need more than one portable restroom. Pitton Portables has a helpful chart so that you can see how many mobile bathrooms you need. Also, consider the hours for your event, because the longer the event, the more units you need.

If you have a portable restroom and it has frozen over, never attempt to take care of it yourself. Instead, contact your team at Pitton Portables. We will perform an emergency service on your unit.

Find Portable Bathroom Rentals in Oakville, Burlington, and Milton

Regardless of what type of event you are hosting this winter, make your first call to Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. We offer a variety of units that are primed for winter usage, and we include service packages so that you do not have to worry about freeze ups and to clean them yourself. Call us today at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online to learn about our portable bathroom rentals in Oakville, Burlington, and the Milton area.


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