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While having stinky water and drains is usually a benign occurrence, occasionally it can indicate that there’s a potential health risk somewhere in your water system. If bad odours persist, it’s important to get your plumbing inspected by a professional. Here are some of the typical causes of that foul smell in your sink or shower.

Dry P-trap

The P-trap is a U-shaped pipe directly under your sink. Water gathers naturally at the base of the U, acting as a barrier that keeps sewer gases from coming up the drain. When the P-trap is dry, due to pressure pulling the water elsewhere in the lines or a lack of use, smelly gas from the sewer can come right up into your house. Simply pouring water down the drain can solve this issue. If the P-trap continues to dry out regularly, it may be cracked or broken, a situation that requires the expert touch of a plumber.

Food and debris in the drain

Sometimes food, soap, hair and other waste gather in the drain and grow bacteria or mould. This produces a sewage-like smell, which can then waft into your living area. Debris in your drain can also contribute to slow drainage and serious blockages. If you can’t get rid of the smell on your own, you’ll need to contact a plumber. Pitton Plumbing has trained professionals available in Hamilton, Oakville, Burlington and surrounding communities in and around the GTA.

Bacteria in your hot water heater

If you heat your water using a tank, keeping a low temperature for a long period of time can create the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This will cause your hot water to smell. However, simply raising the temperature setting on your tank by several degrees should kill the germs. After you’ve taken this step, run your taps for a few minutes to flush everything out.

Smells from your sewer line

Many problems can occur along your sewer line. You may have a sewage back up if multiple drains in your home are plugged, or your toilets aren’t flushing properly. This situation should definitely be handled by a professional. A skilled plumber in can make sure that your sewer and drain are in good working order.

Schedule a visit from a plumber

If poor drainage and smelly water are a persistent problem, contact Pitton Plumbing for quick, friendly assistance. Serving all of Southwestern Ontario, we can quickly connect you with a plumber in Burlington, Hamilton, Oakville and surrounding areas. Our plumbers can handle residential, commercial and industrial sewer and drain jobs of all sizes.


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