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You are staring down the line of portable bathrooms and trying to choose the least offending unit. Do you go with your gut and pick at random? Count them off and choose your lucky number? Or simply open the door that is closest to you? Pitton Portables has years of experience providing portable bathroom rentals to Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, and surrounding areas. After servicing so many events and thousands of units, we have some tips for choosing the next porta potty you enter.

Here are some methods to find the cleanest porta potty at your next music festival or event:

  • Avoid the first one – You may be in a rush to return to the stage and it may be the closest unit, but if you are looking for the cleanest porta potty, it likely won’t be the first one in the row.

  • Use math – Based on “The Secretary Problem”, some mathematicians at Numberphile have determined that the best way to find the cleanest portable bathroom unit is to look at 37% of them and then choose the best one you see after assessing that sampling. This comparison method gives you the highest likelihood of finding the cleanest. It may be more time consuming and may not make you a lot of friends but, if you’re serious about the search, it will give you the best odds.

  • Take note of service trucks – Notice when trucks are cleaning the units. Wait around and line up directly afterwards to use a fresh unit. Take note of the time so that you can plan to use them the following day shortly after they are cleaned.

  • Find the secret porta potty – Most large events and music festivals will have less popular portable bathrooms that are either partially hidden or located in an area with less foot traffic. Try to seek these units out on the first day and plan to use them when you are nearby. They will generally stay cleaner than porta potties in high-traffic areas or routes.

  • Bring your own toilet paper – Sometimes you have to pass on a cleaner unit because it is out of toilet paper, limiting your options to a less sanitary but fully-stocked porta potty. Keep a bit of toilet paper in your pocket so that you can eliminate one more factor from your search.

  • Plan ahead – The best way to avoid dirty and overflowing portable bathrooms is to plan ahead! If you are involved in the planning process and looking to make it easier for attendees to find a clean porta potty to use, make sure you rent enough portable bathroom units to cover the size of the crowd. Just like choosing the right toilet can be a numbers game, so is renting enough units to keep everyone comfortable. Minimize the time your guests spend lining up and maximize the time they can spend enjoying the event by providing a large amount of units spread across the event space.

Pitton Portables can provide porta potty rentals and consultations for your next event. We offer a variety of portable bathroom rentals in Hamilton, Milton, Burlington and surrounding areas. Give us a call at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online.


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