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a view of construction site with worker holding safety helmet


Choosing the right portable toilet for your construction site

Are you thinking of renting one or more portable toilets for your construction site? You be surprised to learn that there are in fact a number of options available. Here are the main types of portable toilets available that are well suited to construction sites.

1. Regular portable units

These are the portable toilets people are most familiar with. They use a chemical system to break down waste and neutralize odours. They’re not fancy but are easy to move and will get the job done.

2. Lifting sling portable units

These are the same as regular portable units, except they have a lifting system installed. This allows them to be picked up by a crane so that they can be transported onto the roofs of high-rise construction projects. They’re extremely handy when the alternative is a worker having to get him or herself to ground level in order to access a toilet, which can eat up a big chunk of time.

3. Restroom trailers

The most high-end option, restroom trailers are generally composed of two compact but spacious restrooms with flush toilets and sinks. Restroom trailers can be hitched and transported behind a truck. They also have the extra advantage of being very sturdy. This makes them great portable toilets for construction sites with uneven terrain, where a regular unit would be unsafe. A similar option is a self-contained unit. These units are nearly identical to restroom trailers and are just as sturdy and fully equipped. The biggest difference is they’re not set on wheels.

4. Handwash stations

Last but not least, there are handwash stations, a useful accompaniment to portable toilets not equipped with a sink. They’re also ideal for job sites that don’t have running water. In both cases they promote a hygienic workplace. They often come in different sizes, with two-person and four-person options.

Choosing the correct number of toilets

Once you’ve decided which portable toilet best suits your needs, all that remains is deciding on how many to get. It’s important to have an appropriate number of restrooms for the size of your crew. Moreover, your obliged to follow the regulations set out by the Ontario Occupational Health & Safety Act. Take a look at their chart to see how many toilets your worksite is required to have.

Renting Portable Toilets in the GTA

If you live in the Greater Toronto Area and are looking for portable toilets for construction sites, call Pitton Plumbing. We have a variety of types to choose from and our facilities are always in pristine shape. Contact us today!


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