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woman pointing out for foul odour

Have you noticed a foul smell coming from your commercial or residential bathroom? Maybe you have scrubbed the room clean from top to bottom but just can’t get the stench to go away. Unfortunately, cleaning the area will not resolve the problem if the smell is coming from your toilet or pipes. The only way to remedy the situation is to locate the source of the problem.

Here are some of most common plumbing issues that can result in a foul odour:

  • Clogged Drains: Hair, dirt, and other debris can accumulate over time and cause an obstruction in your drain, which means water will not be able to properly pass through. This can result in standing water that can produce an awful smell in your bathroom.

  • Dry Pipes in Your Bathroom: The U-shaped pipe beneath your bathroom sink is called a P-trap. Your pipes are functioning properly when a minimal amount of water is sitting in the P-trap. This water comes from turning off the water source in the bathroom and/or flushing the toilet. The water coats the pipe and prevents harmful sewage gases from contaminating your bathroom. When a P-trap is dry, the sewage gas will enter your bathroom, which is why you smell a rotten odour.

  • Cracked and Loose Pipes: If you notice a cracked or loose pipe, contact a certified plumber in Oakville right away. Dirty water and sewage gases are entering your bathroom, resulting in a foul smell.

  • A Dirty Bathroom: Be sure to regularly clean your bathroom toilet, sink, floor and tub, as germs and bacteria can grow quickly. Also, since your bathroom is a high-moisture area, keep an eye out for mould, which has a musty smell to it.

  • A Broken Seal: If your toilet isn’t filling up properly after your flush, it is possible that you may have a broken seal. Each time you flush your toilet, the gases are being released from the exposed area and causing the stench.

  • A Blocked Roof Vent: If your roof vent is obstructed, it will prevent fresh air from entering your home, forcing the sewage air to pass through your bathroom drains.

Smelling sewage gas in your home is an indication that sewer gas is escaping from your drainage system. The methane and contaminates in sewage gas can be hazardous to your health, causing headaches, dizziness, nausea and even more serious conditions. Methane gas is also highly flammable, and can cause an explosion. Speak with a professional plumbing company immediately if you detect the distinctive, foul odour in any area of your home.

Repair Your Drain and Sewage Plumbing Problems in Oakville, Hamilton, or Burlington Today

If you have a persistent, noxious smell coming from your bathroom, don’t wait to contact the team at Pitton Plumbing. Our variety of fast and effective plumbing services can ensure your bathroom drain and odour problems are resolved. Our certified plumbers will provide suitable solutions and advice to keep your plumbing system in great working order. We also have the technology and the expertise to conduct a video inspection of your sewers. This enables us to accurately determine the condition of the piping, eliminating the guess work and saving you expensive repair costs. Call Pitton Plumbing today for drain and sewage repairs at 1-800-499-4184. Get rid of that foul smell in your bathroom once and for all. We also offer commercial plumbing services to business locations. Contact us online to schedule an appointment to have an expert plumber in Burlington visit your home.


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