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Install an Outdoor Faucet for Summer Convenience

With summer ahead, you may want to consider installing an outdoor faucet (sometimes called a hose bib). Not only are outdoor faucets great for yard work cleanup, they also offer a convenient way to get water outside without having to fill buckets inside and carefully make your way to the great, faucet-less outdoors. Although outdoor faucets provide plenty of benefits, here are just a few that make an installation well worth your time and money.

Wash Your Car

Have you ever wanted to wash your car but don’t have a convenient water source? With outdoor faucets, now you can. Whether you’re traveling on high-speed motorways, dirt roads, or simply around the neighbourhood, your car gets dirty quickly. Once you factor in the wind, air pollution, and exhaust, your sweet little ride may not look so sweet anymore.

This is where an outdoor faucet comes in

When you consider all the grime your car is accumulating, why not also consider saving money on paid car washes? An outdoor spigot saves energy used by filling buckets with hot water to take outside. Do yourself and your back a favor by installing something that will have force enough to do a deep clean even on the engine block and undercarriage. With an outdoor faucet and a hose, your car can gain back its shiny gleam in no time at all.

Wash Your Dog

It’s possible that after spending a day (or sometimes an hour) outside, your dog will be covered in mud, dirt, or worse. Think of all the time spent cleaning up the grime they track into the house, and all the energy needed to keep them inside the bathtub for a rinse. Additionally, think of all the time, energy, and hassle you could save by doing the task outside. All you need is an outdoor faucet.

Water Your Lawn & Flowerbeds

Whether the sprinklers have stopped working, or you just want to focus on one tough, yellowing patch, an outdoor faucet offers the most convenient, hassle-free way to water your lawn. Instead of spending time being fed up with sprinkler systems that may break and cause unwanted expense, use your energy to give your garden some hand-watered TLC instead. Of course, after a long day spent tending the lawn or pruning the garden, you’re bound to be a little dirty yourself. Another bonus to having an outdoor water spigot is being able to wash yourself off before heading inside. Don’t wait to install an outdoor faucet, contact your Pitton Plumbing experts to get it done in a flash


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