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Every outdoor event that will last longer than a few hours probably needs a temporary restroom. You might also need portable restrooms at parks, construction sites, family reunions, or weddings. They provide a sanitary place where people can “take care of business.” However, no matter how necessary they are, many portable restrooms are typically boring. This may pose a threat to the overall theme at your event. To solve this problem, surprise your guests with a splash of your own personal touches in your portable restroom. Adding small decorations helps your portable restroom feel more like a home bathroom. Consider adding some of the following decorations throughout the restrooms:

Magazine Racks

Not only do magazines give guests something to do, but they also add a classy touch to your restroom. Attach the magazine rack with temporary adhesive tabs. You can find adhesive tabs at most home décor shops or departments stores. Fill the magazine rack with funny comics or celebrity magazines.

Wall Art

Choose a beach or a country theme to incorporate throughout the room. Then choose art to supplement that theme. Consider using art that will relax and simplify the overall room design rather than complicate it. Additionally, choose art that works with the existing colours in the portable restroom. To hang the art, you can use double-sided tape or adhesive tabs to avoid damage to the restroom walls.

Air Diffusers

Every bathroom needs some kind of fragrance to help mask stinky smells. Use air diffusers that have essential oils and refreshing fragrances. Place the air fresheners on the tops of the toilets or on the counters. You could also use a basket of potpourri to help with the smell. However, avoid using too many scents. You don’t want to make guests sick from air freshener overload.


Flowers add colour and beauty to a small space. Options vary from a large floral arrangement to a simple sunflower in a glass coke bottle. Always refer to your theme as you choose which flowers you want. Pick flowers that have the same colours as other decorations in the bathroom.

Decorative Rugs

Rugs keep your bathroom clean and add a personal touch to the space. Rugs also may remind guests of their home bathroom, which will help them feel more comfortable. You only need one or two rugs for each portable restroom.

Gift Baskets

Add a gift basket with various toiletries on the counter. Consider using one or two of the following:

  • Mini perfume

  • Lotion

  • Sunscreen

  • Bug Spray

  • Mints

Attach a funny poem or a thank you note to each of the handouts. Be creative, but keep it simple. Your guests will appreciate the kind gesture.

Bows on the Doors

Bows add a charming addition to your bathroom door. Guests will immediately realize this isn’t a typical portable restroom. You can use ribbon or burlap to create a bow or wreath for each bathroom entrance or stall. Hang the bow with adhesive tab hooks.


Use outdoor lighting to help guests see the restrooms when the sun goes down. You could use Japanese lanterns, twinkle lights, or holiday lights. String the lights around the top of the restroom or around the doors. Lights add charm to an otherwise boring structure and keep your guests safe by lighting the path.

Plants Outside

Use potted plants to dress up the outside of your portable restroom. The plants will guide guests to the entry and hide undesirable features. Plants also help the restroom appear more established and permanent. Consider incorporating a tree or large flower bin to add colour and variety.


A lattice around the base of the restroom creates a permanent structural appearance. You can rest the lattice on the building. The process will take you minutes and will make a huge difference to the appearance of your portable restroom.


Add a tent to make the portable restroom feel more like a home bathroom. This way your portable restroom doesn’t look like a typical portable restroom anymore. Instead, you have a classy entrance and a shaded area around the restroom.

Hand Washing Station

Most events include food. Provide a washing station for portable restrooms that don’t provide sinks. This will decrease the spread of germs and help guests feel more comfortable eating after they use the restroom. A washing station should include hand sanitizer, soap, and water. You can also decorate the hand washing station with flowers or other small accessories to make the area more inviting. No matter how many decorations you include, nothing replaces having a close bathroom. Walking long distances may detract from your guests’ overall experience. Talk with your portable restroom provider to find a close location for your restroom. They will help you determine a safe and logical site. Once you’ve found the perfect site, incorporate these tips to make your portable restroom a comfortable and clean place for your guests.


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