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Need to rent a portable toilet or possibly several? Whether you’re hosting an outdoor event or planning a new construction project, it’s a good idea to reserve the facilities you’ll need ASAP. In fact, as soon as you know which dates you’ll need your portable restrooms for, you should call us.

Why should you reserve early?

Our special event trailers and portable restrooms sell out quickly during the busy summer months, so it’s important to reserve them as early as possible. To rent a regular unit, it’s best to reserve at least a week in advance. At the minimum, you should rent at least 48 hours before your unit(s) will be needed. We’re happy to accommodate last minute rental requests when we can.

3 Questions to Answer Before Booking

Before you get a hold of us, it’s best if you already know the following:

  1. How long will you need it? Will you need to book your required facilities for only one day? No problem. One day and one weekend rentals are available. Or maybe you have a construction project that you expect to take several months or even longer? Again, not a problem. Longer-term rentals are also within the scope of services we offer. The important thing is that you know the duration of time for which you’ll need the unit(s) you rent.

  2. How many units will you need? Whether you need one or one dozen portable restrooms, it’s important to be able to properly accommodate those who will be using the units. Not sure what the right number is? No problem. As long as you know the number of users, we can help you figure out the corresponding amount of units required.

  3. What type of units will you need? Pitton Plumbing offers different types of portable units for varying purposes, including: • Special event units. Regular portable toilet units, including some that are accessible to those with disabilities, are available. VIP trailers that feature double sinks and flushing toilets are another possibility. We also offer hand wash stations, which are a must if you’re serving food. • Construction site units. We have regular units, including some that can be lifted for high-rise construction projects, and hand wash stations to go with them. We also offer single and double restroom trailers that can be connected to electricity, and self-contained units, which are necessary for sites where there’s no access to running water or sewer services.

Will the units be cleaned before/during the rental period?

All units are delivered to renters in pristine condition. They’ve been thoroughly sanitized and are ready for immediate use. If you rent a unit for an extended period of time, you can rest assured that all our units get professionally cleaned from top to bottom once a week. Our cleaning service includes vacuuming the waste out of the tank and disposing of it at a licensed waste treatment facility. If you’d like this service more than once a week, we’re more than happy to schedule an extra cleaning for you.

The Porta Potty Service of Choice in Hamilton and Surrounding areas

To reserve your portable restrooms, call Pitton Plumbing today. It’s always best to book early for your upcoming event or construction project—even if it won’t take place till next year.


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