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It’s not uncommon for a ring to get swept down the drain while you’re washing your hands or the dishes. To save you some frustration and panic, here are three ways to troubleshoot the recovery of your lost jewelry.

1.) Remove The J-Bend

Most items that fall down the drain will get stuck in the J-bend of the pipe, especially if the water isn’t running. To recover your ring, you’ll need a bucket and a pair of rubber kitchen gloves. First, turn off the tap and place the bucket directly beneath the J-bend. Hold the J-bend with one hand and use your other hand to rotate the nuts that hold the J-bend in place to the left. Once the nuts are unscrewed, move them up and pull the J-bend out of position. The ring will likely fall into the bucket when you remove the J-bend. However, it could also be stuck inside the piece of pipe. Don’t be surprised if your ring is covered in debris, which is why gloves are recommended. Once you’ve recovered the ring, fasten the J-bend in place with the nuts. When you turn the water back on, check to make sure the pipe is properly sealed and isn’t leaking.

2.) Use a Vacuum

To recover a ring using this method, you’ll need a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment. Note that while this method is easier than removing the pipe, it’ll only work if the ring hasn’t travelled too far down the drain. You’ll also need a fairly powerful vacuum. Once you’ve turned off the water, place the vacuum hose nozzle over the drain. Turn on the vacuum and let it run until you hear or feel the ring being sucked up through the hose. You can then open the holding bag to retrieve the ring. Since the ring will likely be covered in debris, you might want to wear gloves.

3.) Call a Certified Plumber

If you can’t retrieve the ring on your own, call a plumber. They’ll use a camera to locate the ring and retrieve it without a hassle. While they’re at it, the plumber can also inspect your pipes for any issues.

Local Emergency Plumbing Services In Hamilton

If you need urgent assistance, never fear! One of our certified plumbers from Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. can help! We offer 24-hour emergency service in Hamilton and throughout Southern Ontario. Contact us today to find out more about our services or call us toll-free at 1-800-499-4184.


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