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We all know someone who has had it happen to them: a flooded basement, overflowing toilet, or broken appliance. These issues can lead to a lot of water and damage in the home. If you experience a sewer backup, do you know what to do? You will want to act fast in the event of a flood in your basement, so that the source of the water can be stopped and damage is not left to progress further. Read below to learn more about the steps you should take if you find your basement is waterlogged.

Steps to Take if Your Sewer Backs Up

While preventative maintenance is best in your home, a backed up sewer can happen to even the most proactive homeowners. Follow these steps to keep your sewer backup from becoming a bigger problem for you and your home:

  • Check internal plumbing – Take a look at your toilets, sinks and waste pipes throughout the home and clear any blockages you find. If you don’t discover any, you’ll know that the basement flood was not caused by an internal plumbing problem. If your gutters or roof are not draining properly, water may find its way into your home, so roof vent blockages should also be checked.

  • Call a plumber in Oakville or in your residing city – If the problem is causing water to collect in your basement, it is best not to mess around with DIY solutions. Contact the Oakville plumbers at Pitton Plumbing who can find a solution fast and get your basement dry in no time.

  • Avoid using toilet and sinks – Unless absolutely necessary, avoiding flushing toilets and using the sinks in your home until the issue has been resolved. The water you use upstairs will likely end up in your basement, so reduce the problem you are dealing with by abstaining from using the plumbing system.

  • Find your home’s sewer clean out caps – You should try to find out where your building sewer clean-out caps are. Typically, they are installed in the basement, by the front wall of your home. If you can’t find them, check by your water meter. Move any furniture or debris that is obstructing them but do not attempt to open them yourselves.

  • Install a sump pump – Once the repairs and clean up are done, consider having a sump pump installed in your home by your trusted Burlington area plumber. Especially if this has become a recurring issue or is caused by groundwater or heavy rain.

Pitton Plumbing has a team of professional plumbers offering services across Hamilton, Burlington, and Oakville. We provide a range of plumbing services and skilled, reliable results. Have a basement flood or other plumbing issue? Call us for plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance at 1-800-499-4184 to schedule an appointment. You can also request a quote by contacting us online.


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