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portable toilets arranged in a line at public event


No one wants to use a dirty restroom, portable or otherwise. Unfortunately, there’s a common misconception that portable toilets are often smelly and poorly maintained. In reality, portable sanitation companies have a thorough cleaning process, one that we are dedicated to upholding at Pitton Plumbing Portable Sanitation. Here’s what you need to know about how your portable toilet rentals are kept clean.

During the Event

Service technicians are responsible for ensuring your portable toilet rentals remain clean for the duration of the event, whether it lasts a day or a week. They routinely wipe down the interior surfaces and restock toilet paper and hand soap or disinfectant as needed. This staff will also make sure the toilets are in a usable state. They’ll even add air fresheners if necessary. For multi-day events, portable toilets are typically serviced during downtime or at pre-determined regular intervals. This involves lowering a pipe into the toilet’s tank and sucking up the waste into a reservoir attached to a truck. A sanitation worker then pours fresh water into the portable toilet tank and adds a disinfectant.

Between Events

Once portable toilets are returned to the rental company’s facility, they’re thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. First, the tank is emptied of all waste material, which is poured into a reservoir on a sanitation truck and hauled away for treatment. Once it’s empty and dry, the toilet tank is filled with a mixture of cleaning products and additives that help disinfect it and eliminate lingering odours. Meanwhile, workers use an arsenal of brushes, wipes and other tools to sanitize every surface inside the portable toilet. This ensures it’s thoroughly clean and ready for the next use.

Emergency Cleaning is Available

Sometimes portable toilets tip over because of violent weather or ill-advised pranks. If this happens, sanitation workers can handle the clean-up and the rental company can usually provide a replacement. Keep in mind that unsanitary conditions can develop if portable toilets are overused, especially if excessive traffic prevents workers from promptly cleaning up messes. That’s why it’s crucial for event organizers to consult with an experienced rental company to determine how many toilets are needed to accommodate their guests.

Portable Toilet Rentals In The GTA

If you need to rent portable toilets for a special event, Pitton Plumbing Portable Sanitation has you covered. We provide a wide range of rental sanitation solutions, from traditional units to special wedding models and handwashing stations. For more information on our services, contact us today!


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