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Event planning involves tackling a lot of important details at once. If you are hosting a large event in Hamilton, Burlington or Milton that requires portable bathroom rental, it can be difficult to determine how many you will need. You don’t want long line ups at the bathroom but you also don’t want to have your event space overtaken by bathrooms. Use this helpful guide to figure out how many porta potties you should order to make your event a success.

Guide for Ordering Portable Bathroom Rentals

Calculate how many you will need based on attendees and time. Many people make the mistake of ordering rental bathrooms based solely on how many people will be attending. This is an important metric to have in order to get an accurate estimate, but it is not the only one you need to consider! The length of your event will also have a big impact on how many portable toilets you need. The longer your event, the more porta potties you will need to ensure they stay fresher longer for your guests. Use our handy portable toilet usage chart for a foolproof way to ensure you have enough units. That way you’ll keep your guests focused on the event instead of spending time in line for the restroom. Other Factors to Consider When You Order Porta Potties for Your Event in Hamilton, Burlington or Milton The number of units isn’t the only order detail you will need to finalize. Portable bathrooms have come a long way, so keep in mind the following options for portable bathroom rentals in Burlington, Milton and Hamilton:

  • Regular. These are the units you’ll likely want the most of since they are cost and space-efficient and have everything most people need to do their business. You might also consider upgraded versions that include hand sanitizer, mirrors, and other added features to make your guests more comfortable.

  • Wheelchair Accessible. Making the bathrooms accessible for all guests is important when hosting an event. Having at least one wheelchair accessible unit is recommended, and more should be considered if there are multiple restroom areas or it is a particularly large crowd. You want guests of all body types and abilities to enjoy your event and not feel inconvenienced by the bathroom setup.

  • Wedding Units. Don’t want a sea of blue at your wedding or other special occasion? We offer special white wedding units that will look clean and crisp at your event. Our special units are functional without being an eye sore at your special day’s venue.

Contact Pitton Portables to Rent Your Portable Bathrooms in Milton, Burlington and Hamilton

Now that you have the information you need, you are ready to rent your bathrooms for your event. If you still have questions, our team of experts can help you determine the optimal type and number of porta potties to make sure your event goes smoothly. From handwashing stations to unique requests, our special events team is here to help you manage the bathroom details. Book your portable bathroom rental with Pitton Portables today at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online to learn more. Event organizers across Burlington, Hamilton and Milton rent our porta potties.


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