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We have all been there at one point or another. Whether it was at a weekend soccer tournament, music festival or construction site, we have all used a portable toilet. When the plastic door was swinging shut behind you, did you consider how these mobile bathrooms work? Pitton Portables has years of experience providing portable bathroom rentals in Milton, Burlington and Hamilton, making us experts on the subject matter. We are here to help you understand how these convenient stalls work and can help you offer the attendees at your next event a comfortable place to do their business.

How Do Portable Bathrooms Work?

  • The basics: Porta potties, or portable bathrooms, are chemical toilets that can be used when there is no running water or at large events that are conducted in an outdoor environment.

  • The construction: The single-person units are pretty basic. They feature a strong plastic exterior, privacy door, and toilet seat that leads to a basin. The basin is secured to the unit but is detachable so that it can be removed for cleaning.

  • The right mix: The basin that collects waste is filled with a special combination of chemicals that break down the waste, reduces their odour and makes them harmless. The mix of chemicals varies between companies. Formaldehyde would be suitable for this function but it is not used because of the negative effects that inhalation can cause.

  • The maintenance: In order for the portable toilet to continue to function properly, the basin must be emptied and the chemical mixture replaced. The portable bathroom rental company will provide this service.

  • The proper disposal: For smaller jobs, waste will be flushed down a conventional toilet and for larger jobs, it will be deposited directly into sewage dumps.

  • The extras: Newer models also feature hand sanitizer, mirrors and special colours to help people feel more comfortable and add to the overall look and feel of an event. While they work the same as older models, misconceptions about porta potties are being shifted to make these much more appealing.

Pitton Portables can help you get the most out of your portable bathroom rental in Hamilton, Burlington, Milton and surrounding areas. With a variety of models, frequent servicing and experience providing portable bathrooms for a variety of event types and locations, you can count on us to keep your guests comfortable. Let us provide convenience and quality on your jobsite, at your party, or for your local event. Call Pitton Portables today at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online.


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