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Unlike in major cities, more rural areas have septic tanks to contend with. City folk have the city’s sewage system handling their waste, however, in a rural area, this may not be possible. This is where septic tanks come into play. A good septic tank can last a lifetime if it receives regular septic tank maintenance. Following a few golden rules of septic systems will ensure your septic tank and all its pipes will last for years to come.

Simple Dos and Don’ts of Septic Tank Maintenance

We will begin with the don’ts because they are far more important than the dos, though the dos are important also. First things first, be aware of what you are placing in your toilet. Though the toilet hole is big enough to accommodate many objects, it is only meant to have specific types of items placed in it.


These items may seem obvious enough to an adult, but to children who do not know any better it is not as obvious. Rags, towels, sanitary napkins, cotton balls, disposable nappies and condoms do not belong in the toilet. Grease, chemicals, oil, and fat should be disposed of in an eco-friendly matter, not thrown in the toilet. Do not wash paintbrushes or dispose of paint cleaners in the sink or anything that leads to the septic tank. Do not connect anything that drains, such as your rainwater drainage pipes, to the septic tank. If you need to get inside the tank, call a professional plumber in Hamilton or surrounding area. Do not enter the tank – it is filled with dangerous gases.


Taking care of your septic tank is fairly simple. It is as simple as keeping your toilet and sink clean. Use the cleaning products you typically use to clean your toilets and sinks, but use them sparingly. Too many chemicals can change the balance of the septic tank. Similarly, using disinfectants and bleach is fine, but use them sparingly. Most importantly, enlist the aid of Pitton Plumbing & Heating Inc. for all your septic tank issues. Pitton Plumbing is highly skilled in dealing with septic tank issues. If you need a plumber who knows what he is doing, call Pitton Plumbing. For residential septic tank plumbing services or commercial septic tank services in Hamilton and surrounding areas, call 1-800-499-4184, or book a service call.


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