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garburator and pipes under a kitchen sink

A garbage disposal system, also referred to as a garburator or food waste disposer, is a device that can be installed under your kitchen sink, between the drain and the trap. It shreds food that goes down the drain so that waste can easily pass through your plumbing system. Garburators are an alternate solution to throwing food waste into the trash.

Things to not put in the garburator

You can safely dispose of most foods using a garburator, but there are a few exceptions you need to be aware of. Some things that should never be thrown in your food waste disposer include:

  • Bones

  • Coffee grounds

  • Eggshells

  • Fibrous vegetables, like celery, pumpkin and rhubarb

  • Fruit pits

  • Grease

  • Pasta

  • Potato peels

  • Trash

Trying to dispose of these items in your garburator could seriously damage it and wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing systems.

Taking care of your garburator

The first rule of caring for a garburator is knowing what you can and can’t dispose of. This goes a long way in preventing damage. It’s also recommended that you turn on the cold water faucet whenever your garbage disposal system is running, as it helps clear out the pipes and prevents food from solidifying in the system’s blades. To keep it in tip-top shape, regularly clean your garburator with baking soda and vinegar. This will flush away any debris that may have built up. Additionally, make sure to avoid using harsh chemicals to clean your garburator, as they can damage your plumbing.

Signs you should call a plumber

If your garbage disposal is taking longer than usual to drain and your attempts to clean it with baking soda and vinegar don’t seem to be helping, it’s time to bring in a certified plumber to check things out. You should also get professional help if your garbage disposal is jammed or if you notice an unpleasant smell coming from it. Don’t try to take on these problems on your own, as you could damage the machine further or even hurt yourself. One of our plumbers will gladly provide you with timely, high-quality service.

Plumbing Services in Hamilton and SW Ontario

If you’re thinking of getting a garbage disposal unit installed, or if the one you own needs professional care from a certified plumber, give Pitton Plumbing & Heating a call. Located in Hamilton, we serve most of Southwestern Ontario. Contact us today to find out more about food waste disposers or to schedule an appointment to get yours fixed!


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