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A sign regarding a Street Party

Remember to Book A Porta Potty or Portable Bathrooms in Hamilton

Your neighbourhood works like a tight-knit community. To celebrate the start of summer, you are ready to throw the ultimate street party that brings everyone together. Hosting a block party is easier than you might realize. While it does require some pre-planning, once you check off the essentials, you are on your way to an excellent party experience. To make sure everyone is comfortable and amenities are convenient, remember to hire portable bathrooms for your street party.

6 Tips for the Ultimate Block Party including planning for Porta Potty Use

Whether you will have a crowd of a few dozen or a few hundred, you have some work cut out for you to get everything in line for your block party. To ensure you are fully prepared, here are a few useful planning tips:

  1. Permit: See if you need a permit for your block party. If you plan to close off the street, then a permit is often required. Ask the municipal office about what permissions you need and the associated fees, if any. You may also need liability insurance and traffic barricades, which the municipality will give you information about.

  2. Portable Bathrooms: Friends, family, and neighbours gather for your block party. You do not need that much traffic going in between homes. Instead, renting a portable bathroom for your party is the ideal solution.

  3. Food: Plan the food and beverages, or contact a company to cater. Consider renting a food truck service so that no one must worry about feeding a crowd.

  4. Fun and Activities: No block party is complete without fun activities. Consider who lives on the street and organize games according to the age groups. You can rent bouncy castles, create face painting booths, and even arrange competitions with small, but exciting and cost-effective prizes.

  5. Notify Neighbours in Advance: You do not want to take up entire streets or create any issues, so notify the block a few weeks in advance. Not only are you inviting people with that notification, but you are also giving adequate notice about street closures and noise.

  6. Hours: Check with the local city offices about hours and noise restrictions. You might be required to close the block party by a certain time of night to avoid penalties and forced shutdowns.

Rent Portable Bathrooms for a Street Party from a Local Supplier

When you are ready to rent a porta potty in Hamilton, you should get in touch with the team at Pitton Portables. We can help you identify how many portable bathrooms you need based on your estimated guest count, and we will deliver them just in time for your street party event. Call us today at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online to schedule your Hamilton portable bathrooms for delivery.


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