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The global portable toilet industry is vast and in high demand. As a result, experts expect this industry to grow at a rate of 7.5% by 2030.

You can rent a portable toilet in Hamilton for any event you're hosting. In some cases, event managers rent multiple toilets. However, keeping the portable toilets clean is a challenge.

You may know about this challenge if you're planning a multi-day event. So the question is, how do you keep these toilet rentals clean? Here is a guide with the best tips to follow.

Rent the Proper Amount of Toilets

One of the leading causes of dirty portable toilets is overuse. Overuse generally occurs when you need more toilets at the event. As a result, you must rent the proper amount of toilets for your event.

You can choose the right amount by considering several things:

  • Event length

  • Number of guests expected to attend

  • Whether food and drinks are served

You can view a chart to determine how many toilets to rent. Then, you can choose the correct number. Having plenty of toilets available at the event can help them stay cleaner for the entire duration.

Choose a Reputable Company

The company that provides the toilets also plays a role in their cleanliness. A reputable company delivers clean toilets. You can also arrange to have the units serviced and sanitized when it is convenient for your event.

Portable toilets require several chemicals for cleanliness. One of these is a blue dye, which disguises the colour of the waste.

An experienced company uses proper techniques to keep the toilets cleaner for a more extended period.

Open the Doors

The portable toilet company might suggest opening the doors when possible. For example, if you close the multi-day event each night, prop the doors open at the night's end.

Propping the doors open lets them air out. As a result, the odours escape from the units, allowing them to smell fresher. You can close the doors the following day before the event begins again.

Clean the Units

The company that delivers the toilets will clean them for you. The frequency depends on your event length and needs.

For example, you can hire the company to come daily if you have a large event with thousands of people. You can also assign people to clean the bathrooms during the event which would include extracting the waste if the units get full and restocking the paper and soap products.

Rent a Portable Toilet in Hamilton

As you plan your event, you'll need to consider renting a portable toilet in Hamilton. You can follow these tips to keep your toilets cleaner during your event. However, the most important one is hiring a reputable company.

Contact Pitton Plumbing if you need portable toilet rentals in the Hamilton area. We offer reputable services and can help you make your event a success! Call or visit our site for a free quote.


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