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f you find yourself drowning in unwanted items around the house, you may contemplate the idea of hosting a yard sale. Instead of going at it alone, you may catch a bigger crowd and increase your profits if you enlist the help of the entire neighbourhood. Neighbourhood yard sales are fun, exciting and bring everyone in the same area together. Not to forget also that everyone has the opportunity to make some money while they are enjoying a community event and having fun.

Tips for Setting Up a Neighbourhood Yard Sale

Organizing multiple households into the same event can be difficult and you will need to give yourself some time to prepare. A few steps to take while planning include:

  • Setting and verifying the date. It is impossible to accommodate everyone’s schedules, but you will want to consult with a few neighbours to see what dates work for them. Then, set and solidify the date with everyone – we suggest at least two to three months out so that everyone has sufficient time to prepare.

  • Make flyers. At about six weeks from the date, create flyers and give them to neighbours. This will notify them that they can participate or just attend to purchase items. Make sure to put your contact information on the flyers.

  • Create a direction sheet. You want to create a sales flyer for neighbours, family and friends to hand out to others. This will require some directions. Be detailed and offer directions coming from several different points, such as those driving North versus those driving South.

  • Prepare your own sale items. You will need to go around the house and find what items you want to sell. Then, prepare them for sale. Try putting items by category into boxes so that it is easier to set them up on sale day; such as clothes together, baby toys in another box and kitchen items in another.

  • Advertise locally. When you have the entire neighbourhood involved, you want to get as much traffic as possible to the area. Start posting signs about a week out from the event, then also post on social media and advertise in the local paper so that others know about your upcoming sale.

  • Arrange everything the night before. Set up tables, consult with neighbours and do what you can the night before. That might include setting up your merchandise on tables and storing them in the garage overnight. That way, in the morning you just bring them out for the sale.

Do Not Forget to Rent a Porta Potty in Hamilton

For your neighbourhood yard sale, give shoppers a place to stop and use the restroom. A Hamilton portable bathroom or a porta potty rental in Milton can provide a safe, convenient place for your visitors to stop in and encourages them to spend more time browsing the merchandise. Call Pitton Portables today to schedule your neighbourhood rental at 1-800-499-4184 or contact us online.


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