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Keeping Parades Safe with Security Guards

Parades are meant to be fun, stress-free celebrations where the whole community comes together to enjoy floats, balloons, bright colors, and good music. Unfortunately, whenever a large group of people congregates, the potential for danger is always lurking within all the fun and frenzy. The next time your community or city plans a parade, make sure to hire sufficient security guards to keep everyone at your event safe. Below are just a few reasons why security guards are a parade necessity.

Enforcing Rules

Parade rules are meant to keep both participants and sideline viewers safe. For instance, most parade rules prohibit smoking on floats or while driving a vehicle in the parade to reduce fire hazards. Similarly, to prevent personal injuries, most parade rules ban people from hanging on to the outside of frames or vehicles. Making sure that everyone is obeying every rule at any given time is an impossible task without a sufficient number of security guards. Most parade participants will do everything they can to follow the rules. But, we were all teenagers once and can understand the desire to grab onto a float or run alongside a fire truck. The presence of a uniform encourages participants from every age group to toe the line and provides the authority to make sure that everyone in and around the parade stays safe.

Controlling Unruly Guests

Enjoying parades and reveling in the spectacle can bring out the best or the worst in people. If your parade takes place in the evening, the potential for unruly guests could increase. Hopefully, your event brings most community members together, but it’s important to have an authority figure to control the odd ones out who might harm themselves and others through unruly behavior.

Dealing with Intruders

Most parades are carefully regulated and controlled to ensure maximum safety and security. In spite of (or perhaps because of) this, it can be tempting for certain people to try to sneak their own vehicle or float into the parade without going through the right channels. These hangers-on typically aren’t aware of and might not conform to specific parade regulations about spacing, decoration, and speed. If you have enough trained guards on hand, intruders can be dealt with effectively to keep the parade running smoothly and safely.

Deterring Vandalism

For whatever reason, when large crowds of people gather, it’s a sure bet that at least one person will try to vandalize one of the portable bathrooms rented for the event. Don’t let a teenager with a sharpie or a water balloon cost you more money! Security guards can prevent damage from occurring and nip the possibility of paying extra for damages in the bud. The next time you plan a parade, hire sufficient security guards to keep your attendees safe, your costs low, and your celebration problem free!


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